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Crystal Ball XXXI

Crystal Ball XXXI Dance of the Deadly and the Divine

Saturday, November 8th, 2014
Dance of the Deadly & Divine
(dedicated to the Seven Deadly Sins & Cardinal Virtues)

Activities including:

Tournies: Armored, Rapier, and Youth Boffer

 A&S Challenges: A single, opposite pair, entire set, or all 14 sins & virtues in any medium contest; Dance competition to create a new period style dance dedicated to a sin, virtue, or set; Mask & Outfit competition to represent a sin or virtue; Bardic competition for best praise piece.

Other Challenges: Day Camp Competition of Pride or Sloth for best heraldric display or most luxurious outfitting; Greedy Games to win or lose Baronial Bucks.

Usual Fare: Dance Classes, Feast, Ball, Dessert Revel!

Event Steward:

Tiarna Cinaed Ulric Amhranai tan Briongloid (Jonathan Thorn) crystalball_steward@shatteredcrystal.org


Last Updated 5/11/14

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