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CRYSTAL BALL XXXVI: The Romance of Roland



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November 8th 6:00pm through November 10th Noon
Bond County Christian Service Camp
1119 Missouri Ave, Mulberry Grove, IL 62262
38.906738, -89.297014

Adult Registration (18+): $18
Adult Member Discount Registration (18+): $13
Teen Registration (13-17): $10
Youth Registration (0-12): Free
Feast: $15

Bunks and limited tent space available



Site & Lodging

The site is the Bond County Christian Service Camp located between Greenville and Mulberry Grove IL, just off of I-70.

Bond Christian Service Camp

The site is dry and smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

Bunks are available – the price is $7.50 per night per person.

There are two dorms:
The Woodside Pods – the pods consist of four wings, each wing divided in to four pods each of which contain four bunks. Woodside fills quickly so reserve early.

The Lakeside Barracks – There are two barracks rooms, each containing ≈20 bunks. These are not as private or quiet as the pods.

Both dorms have toilets, sinks and showers. Mattresses are provided but you will need to bring your own bedding, pillows and towels.

Tent camping is permitted but is also $7.50 per night per person. (Site Requirement)

For those wishing, there are four hotels in Greenville (≈12 miles to the west) and five in Vandalia (≈15 miles to the east).

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Registration Info

Event Fees are as Follows:
Adult Registration (18+): $18
Adult Member Discount Registration (18+): $13
Teen / Staff Registration (13-17): $10
Youth Registration (0-12): Free
Feast: $15
Bond Camp Fees: ($7.50 for Age 7 yrs thru Adult) ($3.00 for Children 0-6 yrs)

The site (Bond Camp) charges us the ($7.50 for Age 7 yrs thru Adult) & ($3.00 for Children Age 0-6 yrs) rates for anyone/everyone sleeping overnight at Bond Camp, anywhere, any way.  People sleeping in their own tents or campers at Bond Camp have to pay the same per person fee as those reserving POD or OPEN Dorm beds.

There is a limited number of POD Dorm Beds available. After those have all been reserved, the remainder of those requests will automatically go to the OPEN Dorm Beds. These beds are filled on a first-come, first choice basis.

IF someone requests a BOTTOM Bunk in the POD Dorms, & no more BOTTOM Bunks are available in the POD Dorms, the reservation will be placed in the BOTTOM Bunk of an OPEN Dorm.

Send your check to: 
Jo Fuchs
6429 Old St Louis Rd
Belleville, IL 62223

Please include the SCA and Modern names of the people you are registering, what you are registering for (e.g. 2 adult site fees, 1 teen site fee, 3 feasts and 3 bunks for two nights each). If you have a preference on which dorm you would prefer, or if you are unable to use a top bunk, please include that information.



PayPal registration:

Please visit the link below to use PayPal. Once you have given a valid email, you can select Crystal Ball to fill out the correct registration information.

PayPal Form

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Dance Class Schedule

NOTE: There will be open dancing Friday evening, 9pm+ in front of the cafeteria.


Classroom 1

Woodside Dorm

Classroom 2

Lakeside Dorm
Hound & Helm

Classroom 3

Lakeside Dorm
Oak & Anvil

10:00 – 11:00

Set 5 – Intermediate & Advanced

Set 6 – Beginner

Set 6 – Intermediate & Advanced

11:00 – 12:00

Set 5 – Beginner

Set 4 – Beginner

Set 4 – Intermediate & Advanced

12:00 – 11:00

Break for Lunch

1:00 – 2:00


Set 3 – Beginner

Set 3 – Intermediate & Advanced

2:00 – 3:00

Set 2 – Beginner

Set 2 – Intermediate & Advanced

3:00 – 4:00

Set 1 – Beginner

Set 1 – Intermediate & Advanced

The music file is available at:

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Martial Activities


  • 9:00 Inspections and authorizations
  • 10:30 The reading of the rules and introduction of the tennans, the tournament to be immediately thereafter.
  • 12:00 A one hour break for lunch and the setup for the siege of Paris.
  • 1:00 Combatants will be divided up into two teams for the siege of Paris. The Franks, to be led by King Charlemagne and the Saracens to be led by King Agramant and will fight through the environs of Paris. This will be repeated three times, once for Cut and Thrust, once for Rapier and once of Armoured Combat.
  • Immediately following the siege, the tournament will resume.
  • The tournament will conclude when the combatants agree that they have had enough or until they make us stop.

The Gallery
There will be an elevated gallery for spectators – those wishing to prepare tokens to reward fighters for the prowess, honour and courtesy are encouraged to do so.

The Tournament

  • Our tournament will take place in a list divided into four fields: The Open Field, The Barrier, The Bridge and The Gate.
  • It will be run such that all three disciplines of the sword – rapier, cut and thrust and armored combat will share these fields simultaneously.
  • Combatants will issue challenges to fellows participating in their discipline (that part is important!) and then wait at the list gate until the field they wish to fight upon is open.
  • There will be a dozen fighters of renown on the field portraying heroes and villains from Orlando Innamorato and Furioso. These fighters will be worth extra points to those gentles who can best them.
  • Combat may take place a la guerre, acknowledging blows to the limbs in the traditional manner, or a plaisance, fighting to three counted blows.
  • Upon completion both fighters should report to the list table to report the result of the bout. One point will be awarded for each fight fought, an additional point for each victory and a third point when a champion is defeated.

The Siege of Paris
The siege will be a limited front broken field melee fought for the amusement of the gallery and as a post break warm up before returning to the tournament.

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Feast & Food

Our feast will visit the courts of King Agramant and Emperor Charlamagne savoring the delights of the Meditertanian and returning to Europe for a hearty portion of beef and vegetable.

Sur la table:

Warm Citrus Olives(v)
Garlic Mushrooms (v)
Grapes (v)


Albondigas a la Andaluza
Ikra (v)
Hummus (v)
Tabbouleh (v)
Cheese Platter (v)
Flatbread (v)


Roast Beef
Baked Persian Rice (v)
Parsnips and Carrots (v)
Bread and Butters (v) 


Anise Fritters (v)
Candied Citron (v)

(v) Vegetarian

On Saturday breakfast and lunch will be available for a nominal fee at 8:00 am and Noon.

Saturday lunch will be sandwiches of meat and cheese, fruit, a spicy red lentil stew (that is vegan unless you want to dollop some plain yogurt on top), and a dessert for $5. Tea and water will be available throughout the day for drinks

On Sunday morning coffee will be available and we will ravage the redolent remains of the desert revel like rabid raccoons.

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A&S Competitions

The Best Carolingian Garb

The gowne I wore was white, and richly set
With aglets, pearle, and lace of gold well garnished,
My stately tresses couerd with a net
Of beaten gold most pure and brightly varnished.
Not thus content, the vaile aloft I let,
Which only Princes weare: thus stately harnished,
And under Cupids banner bent to fight,
All unawares I stood in all their sight.

The Carolingian dynasty wasn’t just about subjugating the Saxons and Saracens and Lombards and Gascons and Bavarians and Avars.  There was cuture! Art, archetecure, music, lower case letters! So much culture that the reign of Charlemagne (and of his son Louis the Pious, aka Louis the Debonaire) are known as the Carolingian renaissance. So let’s dress like it! Show up for the ball in your best Carolingian outfit. Judging will occur during the first two sets of the ball and the prize will be awarded during the desert revel for richness and authenticity.

The Best Lost Item or Astronomical Body in any Edible Medium

I say although the fire were wondrous hot,
Yet in their passage they no heate did feele,
So that it burnd them, nor offends them not;
Thence to the Moon he guides the running wheele,
The Moone was like a glasse all voyd of spot,
Or like a peece of purely burnisht steele,
And lookt, although to vs it seemd so small,
Welnigh as big as earth and sea and all.

In Canto 34 Duke Astolpho travels to the moon (where all lost things ultimately wind up) to recover Orlando’s lost wits. And so shall our dessert revel! And that’s where you come in! Cupcakes with stars on them. Cookies shaped like my missing car keys. A meat and cheese plate in the shape of your favorite constellation! The prize will be awarded for creativity, humor and deliciousness. Make enough for at least 24 small portions.

We will still accept other food donations for our revel, so if you’d just rather make an old standby or if you have a recipe you’re dying to show off (or even try out), even if you can’t make it fit our theme, here’s your chance.

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The Ball & Dessert Revel

With gratefull sound, of instruments and voyce,
With sundrie sweet and musicall consorts…

The ball will start after feast and run until the wee hours of the morning.

The dessert revel and prizes for our A&S competitions will take place at the end of the second set of the ball. Desert revel donations will be accepted in the feast hall during the day.

First Set

Choral Set

1. Carolingian Pavan & Galliard
2. Official Branle
3. Heart’s Ease
4. Petit Rose
         (tune: Bacco Bacco)
5. Upon a Summers Day
6. Vita di Cholino
7. Sellenger’s Round
8. Black Alman
9. Newcastle
10. Quen Quer Que

Second Set

Instrumental Set

1. Contrapasso in Due
2. Branle Suite
       (Horse / Washerwoman)
3. Herald’s in Love
4. Petit Vriens
5. Argeers
6.  Le Bens Distonys
7. Laendler
8. Gathering Peascods
9. Gelosia
10. Korabushka

-Dessert Revel-

Third Set

Instrumental Set

1. Entrée Courante
2. Branle Suite
          (Cassandra / Pignay / Aridan)
3. Jenny Pluck Pears
4. Bizzaria d’Amore
5. Hide Park
6. Postie’s Jig
7. Scottish Branle
8. Rufty Tufty
9. Rawty de Duobus
10. Hole in the Wall

Saturday Night Sunday Morn will be danced at Midnight – whenever that falls

Fourth Set

1. Earl of Essex
2. Maltese Branle
3. Black Nag
4. Amoroso
5. My Lady Cullen
6. Salcanio
7. John Tallow’s Cannon
8. Green Gynger
9. Gracca Amoroso
      (or Sweet Nothings)
10. Chesnut
11. Road to the Isles

Fifth Set

1. Earl of Salisbury
2. Branle de la Haye
3.Lord of Carnevon’s Jegg
4. Ballo del Fiore
5. Picking of Sticks
6. Salterella la Regina
7. Pease Branle
8. Ginevra Weasley
9. Grimstock
10. Fedelta
           (or Fiddlesticks)
11. Female Sailor

Sixth Set

1. New Alman
2. Montard
3. Nonesuch
4. Rosti Boli
5. Basso Lauro
6. Scotch Cap
7. Bella Giossa
8. Branle Charlotte
9. Fulgenta Stella
10. Goddesses
11. Moonshine

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Merchant space is available. Contact our merchant coordinator to reserve a spot.

Lady Simone Rousseau
Heather Robinson

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In 778, Charlamagne was returning from Spain where he had been supporting one faction in a conflict among the Saracens, where his rearguard was ambushed by Basques and Hruodlandus (aka Roland in French and Orlando in Italian) prefect of Brittany and several paladins were slain.

In the 11th century The Song of Roland was written, which streamlines the tale of the battle adding a traitor to Charlemagne’s court, and changing the attackers from Basques to Saracens in an effort to Hollywoodize the story for shorter second milenia attention spans.

In the late 1400’s Matteo Maria Boiardo penned Orlando innamorato (Roland in Love) which is a tale of knight errantry and bold deeds which, among other things, links the Carolingian and Arthurian cycles. Boiardo was unable to finish his book due to an invasion of Italy by Charles VIII of France.

in 1516 Ludovico Ariosto said something along the lines of, “Hold my beer and watch this” and penned Orlando Furioso (literally Raging Roland), wherein he picked up where Boiardo left off. A short descriptions of this epic work is beyond my humble abilities. If you imagine The “Canterbury Tales” by Gary Gygax, Mel Brook’ “Le Morte d’Arthur” and Quentin Tarantino’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” all stirred together and then edited by Stan Lee, you’ll not be far from the mark. It to say, it’s got everything! A hippogrif! Enchanted swords! Two sieges of Paris! A dwarf theif! Pitched battles! Anthropomorphic personifications of human behaviors! Twins separated at birth! Killer Amazons! A magic horn! Arrogant villians! Pitched battles! Lady knights! Witches and wizards! A portal to hell! Did I mention pitched battles! St. John the Evangelist! A trip to the moon! Pew pew pew!!!

Seriously, even if you can’t make it to our event, every SCAdian should be familiar with this work.

There is even a free audiobook on Librivox:

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Event Steward

Master Avery Austringer
Ted Kocot
7436 Zephyr Pl.
Maplewood, MO 63143

Head Cook

Lady Thomasine McAngus
Barbara Enders

Registration and Gate

Lady Cellach ni Thighearnaigh
Jo Fuchs
6429 Old St Louis Rd
Belleville, IL 62223

Merchant Coordinator

Lady Simone Rousseau
Heather Robinson

Royalty Liaison

THL Azzah bint al-Badawi
C.A. Kelly

Dance Coordinator

Mistress Alphia Biraz-pars

Musician Coordinator

THL Siri Toivosdotter
Jo-Ann Sheffer

The music file is available at:

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