Return to Crystal Ball XXXIV Nov 10-12, 2017


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Hear ye! At Crystal Ball XXXIV, we are proud to have not one, but TWO vigils/elevations!


For Newcomers…

When it has been announced that a person will be made a peer of the realm for their service, artistry or martial skill, a vigil is a very special event typically hosted by their friends or household. Those who are invited to visit the soon-to-be-elevated peer may come bearing gifts, sage advice, unique insights or shared pasts. They might come hoping to mend bridges, get the last word in a running debate, to laugh, to cry or to share some emotion in-between. All of this plays a part in making this a special evening that the candidate will long remember.

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The following people will be sitting vigil throughout the day on Saturday, November 11, 2017:







Vigil and Elevation of Berengaria Mordaunt to the Order of the Laurel



















Vigil & Elevation of Sofya Chyudskaya Smolyanina to the Order of the Pelican














Please stop by and visit with these most talented ladies throughout the day.

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