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Crystal Ball XXXIV – Event Contacts

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The people that make the event run like a well oiled machine!

Disclaimer: No Sorcery or Trickery was used in the making of this event!



Event Steward – Lady Murigheal O’Seannaig (shatteredcrystal.moas at 618-407-9097

Feast Steward – Briana Morgan of the Valley {kenda.mccormack at

Feast Hall Steward (and Feast Volunteers) – Lady Muriel Zimmermann (Laurahalfdime at

Registration (aka “Troll”) – Lady Gillianne De Solis (tudress at, please send all checks to: Checks or M/O to: Christine Wallrich 612 Meadowlark Street, Troy IL 62294. Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. – Barony of Shattered Crystal

Marshal – Master Avery Austringer (Avery1415 at

Sanitation – Lady Dorcas the Lost

Volunteer Coordinator – THL Muriel Zimmermannin (Laurahalfdime at

Royal Liaison – Lady Ástríðr Árnarðóttír (seneschal at

Merchant Liaison – TBD

Dancing and Musicians – Mistress Alphia birs Parz & Master Bubba Godgodson (leopbuzz at

Youth Liaison – HE Caroline de Mercier (ministerofchildren at

Hospitality – Lady Gillianne De Solis (tudress at


Many thanks to all the helpers!  Without you – yes you – no event would be possible!


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