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And so dear friends

there comes a time

When many must gather

for feast and wine!

With Stuffed Eggs and cheese

Breads and herbs

Greens of Garden

We shall not be disturbed!

Roots steaming on the table

with hardy Meats and stews

sweet delicacies galore

We must unlace the trews!

And the feast is not quite finished

I need another ale

Before they push me out the door

Upon my wee ‘ittle tail!

And as I curl up in my bed

I dreams of more sugar plums

dancing around and about me head

It’s time for me song to be done!


***Please note this is a very strict dry site at a Christian Church Camp.  Please do not bring alcohol onto the site for any reason – even for cooking (sigh) ******

Beverages (Free!)


Complimentary Water, Lemonade, Tea and Coffee will be provided by Barony of Shattered Crystal in the Feast Hall at the Drink Station


Friday Soup Kitchen (Donations Accepted!)


Hot Soups and bread will be offered to warm your bellies as we set up, unload and practice our dancing! Gluten Free Options and Vegetarian options will be available.


Saturday Breakfast ($5)


Saturday Breakfast

 Oatmeal and Yogurt bar with lots of toppings!
 Hard boiled eggs
 Fresh Fruit (seasonal)
 Milk and Orange juice



Coffee and English Breakfast Tea will be available on drink station

Saturday Lunch (Prices Below)


Lunch Menu
Menu $ Cost
 Beef Stew w/wheat roll (GF Roll by Request)  $6.50
 Vegetable Stew w/wheat roll (GF Roll by Request)  $6.50
 Chocolate or Vanilla Cupcake w/
Vanilla Buttercream icing
Gluten Free Funfetti Cupcake w/
Vanilla buttercream icing
 Coke, Root Beer, Diet Sprite  $0.50





  • For questions contact Margaret MacLeod of Duntulm
  • All stews are Gluten Free
  • Food ingredients meet Kosher & Halal standards, and were cooked in a kosher kitchen
  • Carry-out Containers are available
  • Bowls w/spoon available at no charge if splitting a serving for children

**Fighters and Marshals! Lunch will be delivered to you at the tournament field.  More details to come!


Children’s Feast

Please visit the Youth Activities Page for more information. (link)

Feast of the Fairies

Welcome to the Feast of the Fairies!

“And, most dear actors, eat no onions or garlic, for we are to utter sweet breath; and I do not doubt but to hear them say, it is a sweet comedy. No more words: Away! Go, away!” Shakespeare Henry IV Part II: Act 5, Scene 1

Head Cook:  Banbharun Briana Morgan of the Valley


Crystal Ball Feast Booklet and Menu

(Includes recipes and ingredients)

Feast Menu
 On the table
 Hummus bi’Taheena (V)(GF) (Hummus)
 Crusty Bread (V)
 Fresh Farmer’s Cheese with Herbs and flowers
 (V)Seasonal Vegetables (V)(GF)
 Course the First
 A Good Roast (Beef Roast)
 Salsa A Bolets (Mushrooms in Sauce) (GF)
 Ember Day Tart (Savory Tart)
 Salad of Roots (Roasted Root Vegetables) (V) (GF)
 Macrouns (Cheese Lasagna) 
 Course the Second
 Chicken in Orange Glaze (GF)
 Divers Sallats (V) (GF) (Salad)
 Ryse Lumbard (V) (GF) (Saffron Rice)
 Chare de Wardone (V) (GF) (Pears in Sauce)
 Dishfull of Snowe (GF) (Whipped Cream) 
 Lemon Water/Water (V)(GF)
 Hot Apple Cider (non-alcoholic)












Vegetarian options and Gluten Free Options will be Available!
Please email the Feast Steward for any dietary restrictions. Briana Morgan of the Valley (kenda.mccormack at

Dessert Revel

Bring a dessert to share!

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