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Crystal Ball XXXIV – Largesse Derby

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Crystal Ball A&S – Largesse Derby – Oberon and Titania Challenge



Goode Gentles…

Their Royal Majesties of the Fairy Realm, His Majesty, Oberon, and Her Majesty Titania, have proposed a challenge to those who are brave enough to do it.  They have promised no trickery in this challenge, but only wish to present Their Majesties of the Middle Kingdom some gifts.  It’s simple really.  They wish for you to offer 13 items to their cause.  The Tournament will be held on Saturday from 9 AM – 3 PM in the Feast Hall.  The rules for this challenge is below.


Rules of the Derby (borrowed from the Kingdom of AEthelmearc)

All entrants must create 13 items

  • 1 pair or 1 set – 1 item
  • Items must be suitable for SCA Largesse. (period items are highly desirable)
  • Items are encouraged to be of the magical and mystical variety, but all items are accepted.
  • All entries must be tagged & ready to be gifted the day of the competition.
  • Item tag should have the maker’s name & home group, item content, materials or ingredients
  • Items need not be documented (but documentation is always welcome)
  • Items should not have Royal or personal heraldry
  • Food, liquid & scented items must be in sealed, leak-proof & spill-proof containers. **No Alcoholic Anything is Permitted – Even if Sealed** (Per Event Site Rules)
  • Judging is done by the populace. Each entrant display will have a container placed next to it and anyone may put a provided token into the container of their choice. Only one token per person.
  • The entrant with the most tokens in their container at the end of the day will receive one item from each entry.
  • The remaining 12 items from each entry will be given to Their Majesties at the end of the day.

What is a Largesse Challenge? It is a challenge to provide Largesse that will be used for tokens, prizes & gifts throughout the Reign of their Majesties. The Derby idea is aimed at showing off the talents & creativity of the populace.


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