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Crystal Ball XXXIV – Tournament

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Tournament of the Fairy Queens

As we begin our tournament, we look to the dais and we see two courts.

The Seelie Court sits with their Queen upon Her Throne. The Seelie Court are known to seek help from humans, to warn those who have accidentally offended them, and to return human kindness with favors of their own. Still, a fairy belonging to this court will avenge insults and could be prone to mischief.  The Seelie Queen is beautiful indeed! However, the fairies are good with their trickery. The Seelie Court is like Summer and Spring combined, with a twist of really “evil”.



The Unseelie Court. Her majesty of the Unseelie sits upon Her Throne with the mischievous look in her eyes.  The Unseelie, the “Unholy” or “Unblessed” Court consists of the malicious and more evilly-inclined fairies. Unlike the Seelie Court, offense is not necessary to bring down their foes or anyone they choose to bother for that matter. The Unseelie Court is like Winter and Autumn combined, just more “evil”.


Both Queens have agreed to judge the tournament – fairly.  
As we know, the fairies are known for the trickery and mayhem!


The Tourney of the Queens of the Fey


Let all noble lords and ladies, knights and defenders, squires and provosts, and all students-of-arms of the Kingdom of the Middle and all other kingdoms know that on the 11th of November at their 34th annual Crystal Ball, Shattered Crystal barony does invite them to a display of gallantry and prowess upon the lysts with two tournaments.

At the hour of 9, weapons inspections and authorizations will begin.

At the hour of 10, Queen Vukasin, owing to her great love of the weapon, shal host a tournament of spear.

At the hour of 11, the cooks have agreed to make lunch available to the combatants early so that they need not go hungry Inspections and authorizations will continue during this interlude.

At the hour of 12, the Tourney of the Queens of the Fey shall begin.

This tournament shall have two portions: first, each of the three disciplines of the sword, rapier, armoured combat and cut and thrust will by turns fight with single sword en masse upon the open field. During this passage, each fighter should find a partner, fight until one of them has scored a telling blow, then each should seek out a new partner and repeat the aforesaid process. When a combatant has been struck with three telling blows, that is, once each by three fellow combatants, they should exit the field, at which time the Fairy Queens will select their forces.

In the second passage, rather than scatter the three disciplines to the corners of the world, a single field will unite all in camaraderie and fellowship. And this field will be divided into four arenas, so that combatants may meet upon the platform, through the gate, at the barrier, and on the bridge.

Know ye that prizes will be given, one for each discipline, to those who demonstrates greatest prowess in each of the three disciplines and that the Fey queens may bestow gifts upon the mortals they find worthy. Know ye also that the Fey are fickle and hi-jinks are likely to ensue.


Contact the Tournament Marshal, Master Avery Austringer (Avery1415 at for more information on the tournament.


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