Crystal Chamfron 2018



May 11-13, 2018

198 N Main St, Wood River, IL 62095-1455


Join us for a day of tournaments and sport including armoured combat, archery, thrown weapons,
Midlands Rapier War Practice, Youth Combat tournament, and of course, our traditional equestrian activities.

Site opens 6pm on Friday and Closes at 2pm on Sunday
198 N Main St, Wood River, IL 62095-1455
(When you think, “This can’t possibly be it!”, just keep going another half block or so!”)

Site Fees:
Adult Event Registration (18+): $13 ($8 with Member Discount)
Child Event Registration (12-18): $5
Youth Event Registration (0-11): Free

Pre-registration cut off May 1(Paypal by May 5) – please send Checks or M/O to: Jo Fuchs, 6429 Old St Louis Rd, Belleville, Ill 62223 – (ph)618-235-9493(not after 9pm)
[Your feastocrat would greatly appreciate if you know you are going to eat feast to preregister with us before May 1  what your choices are so that she can better prepare and purchase food ahead of time.]
[Only confirmed, paid reservations can claim cabin bunks. Cabin Reservation choices are prioritized by the date & time payment is received/confirmed.]

Event Stewards:
Master Avery Austringer aka Ted Kocot / 314-781-3210 / (not after 9pm)
HL Azzah bint al-Badawi aka Coreada Kelly / 618-670-3647 / (not after 9pm)


6:00pm – Site opens
10:00pm – Torchlight Barrier Tournament


9:30am – Equestrian warmup and authorizations (if needed – please let the EMIC know in advance of intent to authorize)
10:00am – Youth Boffer
10:00am – Open Archery
10:30am – Equestrian Challenge course: Throw it all away
11:00am – Heavy Armor Inspection
12:00 – 1:00pm – Heavy Novice Tourney
1:00 – 2:00pm – Midlands Rapier War Practice
1:00 – 3:00pm – Heavy Single Elim Tourney, Atlantian speed style
1:30pm – By there Excellency’s decree, their archery tournament to choose their new champion will be held, loaner equipment is available.
1:30pm – Equestrian Challenge course: To be determined
3:00pm – C&T
3:00 – 4:30pm – Heavy Bear Pit(s)
3:00pm – Equestrian Practice and Skill-sharing* (until we’re tired or we have to clean up for Court)
4:45pm – Court prior to Feast
5-6pm-ish Feast
Gambling with Master Philippe
After sundown and everthing else – Fire Circle

* We’ll have the games equipment and some basic Working Equitation equipment for people to practice and help each other. I’ll also have Mistress Bridget’s Ride Before a Prince handout and a couple of the source books for folks to look at if they are interested but haven’t been able to attend one of her classes.

9:00am -noon – By there Excellency’s decree, their thrown weapons tournament to choose their new champion will be held, loaner equipment is available.
Court following Thrown Weapons Tournament.
2:00pm – Site closes


Event Marshalls:
Heavy MiC: Baron Gavin MacFergus
C&T MiC: Master Philippe de Lyon
Rapier MiC for War Practice: THL Oda Umi
Equestrian MiC: Lady Lora Greymane
Archery MiC: Master Zardrick Vansson
Thrown MiC: Master Philippe de Lyon
Youth Boffer: Master Philippe de Lyon

Friday night – 7:00pm – ? – Pizza bake at the bread ovens – We’ll provide crust, sauce and cheese – if you want non-standard toppings bring them along!
Saturday – 7:00-9:00am pancake breakfast – Free!
A la carte lunch
Feast – Viking Road Rowed Trip tavern style feast – Feast Details
(Also there are a wide variety of restaurants within a few miles of the site)

Site amenities:
*There are reproduction Lewis and Clark cabins, with 4 bunks per building, 4 buildings total. There is no electric in these cabins, nor is there bedding. These are narrow bunks, so a twin size mattress will hang off the edges, think more of a pool float width.
*There is ample space to place tents of all sizes on site. Electricity can be made available for those with medical needs in tents, but please contact the event steward ahead of time to arrange this.
*There is no additional fee for camping in cabins or with tents
*There is a modern bathroom with flushies and hot showers.
About Camp Dubois

>>>WET SITE!!!!!<<<

Close by hotels:
Please search for hotels in Wood River, Alton, Edwardsville, or Pontoon Beach in Illinois, they are all within a 10 mile radius of site.

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