Crystal Chamfron 2018 – Feast

Viking “Rowed” Trip 

Come ye and join us on our journey as we set sail exploring tasty foods of distant lands.


Our voyage begins as we enjoy the tasty treats that our homeland has
to offer.  We will be eating chicken on a spit roasted on an open fire.
Next you can choose bouillabaisse from France where the fish stew is
made by the fisherman’s catch of the day. Yet,  if you choose to spice up
your pallet, try the meatballs in mustard sauce from the land of Spain.


Our travels now takes us to various other countries whose edibles
include: Breads and cheeses from England, or pretzels found in
Greece.  Of course no feast is complete without the delicious vegetables!
The salad of greens comes from Spain, while France offers fermented
vegetables or spinach tarts. If you are homesick for our homeland
Viking dumplings will be offered.


Keep your forks! For the best is yet to come from Rome, fritters of fruit.  Deep fried goodness!

Happy gorging on your Viking “Rowed” Trip!

Avelyn D’Arden




Viking Rowed Trip Feast Pricing

1 Main & 2 sides – $7.50

1 Main & 3 sides – $9.00

Ala Carte

Main – $4.00 each

Sides – $2.00 each

Main Course

Roasted Chicken


Spiced Meatballs with mustard sauce





Salad of greens

Fermented vegetables

Spinach Tart

Viking Dumplings


Fritters of Fruit


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