Crystal Chamfron April 21 – April 23 2017

Gate hours:
Friday 5pm-10pm
Saturday 8am – 1pm

Adult Registration : $13 (non member)
Adult Member Discount Registration: $8
children 12-17 : $4
children 11 and under: free

Equestrian: on Saturday authorizations, a quest, mounted archery and a head to head tournament.  For further information please contact the equestrian marshal in charge Mistress Alphia Biraz-pars : leopbuzz (at)

Archery: the range will be open on Saturday and here will be mounted archery as well!

Martial: A heavy torch light tourney will be on friday night, saturday will see heavy, rapier, and cut and thrust pick ups and tourneys. for further information please contact our Knights marshal Master Avery Austringer : knightmarshal (at)


Fighting Schedule:


9pm – Inspections
10pm – torchlight tourney

10am – Inspections and authorizations
11am – 1pm Bearpit


9am – Inspections
10am – 12pm Open List
1pm – 3pm Open List/Classes

A&S activities Saturday:
-The forge will be open for open forge time throughout the day.
-There will be brewing activities and classes during the day
-His Excellency Henry of Exeter will have a bacon making class!
– A class on basket weaving will be saturday afternoon, please let us know in advance if you want to take the class so that the teacher can have enough supplies, there will be a fee for this class (more info to come)
– We will have our large pavilion set up for folks to work on their own projects as well.

Arts & Sciences Competition: More Info!

Classes for this upcoming Saturday, all will be held under a pavilion so no worries about the possible rain getting in our way!

Vinegar – 10am (1 hour long) – Anti brewing – a tasting class on how to make vinegar and how the alcohols and vinegar compare – Taught By Lord Oswyn of Badon

Enough Ale to Fill up the Sea – 11am (1 hour long) – a look at drinking in England during period – Taught By Lord Oswyn of Badon

How to make Bacon – 2pm (will take 2-3 hours to cook, class will be shorter) –Learn how to brine and smoke your own bacon. Actual bacon will be made during this class for hands on tasting! – Taught By His Excellency Henry of Exeter

Basket Weaving – 1pm (4 hours long) — Cost $20 – learn how to make a rectangular basket with clothe handles. 10x6x6-8 inches tall ***there is one spot still open for anyone wishing to take this class, it will be first come first served. –Taught By Lady Norelle

Children’s class on treasure boxes – 1pm (1 hour long) children will get to paint their own treasure boxes. Limit 5 – Taught by Lady Dorcas the Lost

Saturday evening One Paw Tiger Inn will be set up for your enjoyment and pleasure. As this is a wet site there will be a variety yummy beverages to enjoy. They will also be bringing their tavern games for playing. Master Philippe will be running a gambling table. We also have a large bonfire pit for bardic and relaxing.

Lunch will be served, more information to come
Tavern style feast brought to you by THL Berengaria Mordaunt

Pre-registration cut off April 18th, please send Checks or M/O to: Christine Wallrich 612 Meadowlark Street, Troy IL 62294
***Your feast steward would greatly appreciate if you know you are going to eat feast to preregister with us before April 18th what your choices are so that she can better prepare and purchase food ahead of time.

In this feast you choose what you want, please see the attached menu for pricing and options. When you arrive on site you will fill out your feast card which will then go to the kitchen for her to have ready in the evening.

Mains: $4 per main
-¼ roast chicken
-a sewe of beef and barley
-¼ pork pye
-cheese plate
-salat of spinedge

Sides: $1.50 per side
-salat of spinedge
-a dish of lentils
-roasted root vegetables
-pickle plate

Breads: included with full meal; $1.oo with main or side
-peasant bread

Dessert: included with full meal
panna cotta fruit compôte biscotti

Individual Meal pricing:
*1 main + 2 sides (+bread and dessert) $7.50
*Hungry Horseman Dinner: 2 mains (+bread and dessert) $8:50
*1 main + 3 sides (+bread and dessert) $9.00

Family Meal: whole roast chicken or pork pye, 2 family-sized sides, loaf of bread, 4 desserts $30.00

roast chicken: spit-roasted whole chicken, basted in honey and wine; choice of breast or thigh quarter
sewe of beef and barley: browned cubed beef with onion, garlic, mushroom, stewed in red wine and beef stock, thickened with oxtail and scotch barley
pork pye: crust of white flour with lard raised into a coffin and filled with spiced (mace, ginger, black pepper) chopped pork shoulder and bacon, and currants
cheese plate: one wedge each of gorgonzola, brie, gouda
(main) salat of spinedge: fresh spinach, red onion, sliced button mushrooms, diced apple, roasted salted almonds, and crumbled gorgonzola, with a sweet and tangy apricot mustard dressing
(side) salat of spinedge: fresh spinach, red onion, sliced button mushrooms, diced apple, with a sweet and tangy apricot mustard dressing
lozynges: saffron egg pasta layered with cheese and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, black pepper) and baked
a dish of lentils: green lentils simmered with onion and garlic, spices (cumin, turmeric black pepper), and greens
roasted root vegetables: carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, and beets roasted in wine and honey, topped with toasted sesame seeds
pickle plate: 1 dill pickle spear, 2 sweet gherkins, 3 pickled beets, 4 olives, chutney
dessert: panna cotta topped with fruit compôte, with a lemon-coriander biscotti

Site amenities:
*There are reproduction Lewis and Clark cabins, with 4 bunks per building, 4 buildings total. There is no electric in these cabins, nor is there bedding. These are narrow bunks, so a twin size mattress will hang off the edges, think more of a pool float width.
*There is ample space to place tents of all sizes on site. Electricity can be made available for those with medical needs in tents, but please contact the event steward ahead of time to arrange this.
*There is no additional fee for camping in cabins or with tents
*There is a modern bathroom with flushies and hot showers.

Close by hotels:
Please search for hotels in Wood River, Alton, Edwardsville, or Pontoon Beach in Illinois, they are all within a 10 mile radius of site.

Please feel free to contact the Event steward with any questions!
Astridr Arnardottir: seneschal (at)

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