Inkin In Lincoln

Inkin In Lincoln

Feb 9th 2019
Marine United Church of Christ
111 N Center St Marine, Illinois 62061
Site opens at 8am

Event Steward – THL Mwynwen Ysginidd called Strawberry (strawberryholt at

Come join us for A day of Calligraphy and Illumination and all things that go with awards!

There is NO site fee. Their will be a donation jar if anyone wants to donate. It is not expected or required. Troll is still happening because we need everyone to sign in and sign a waiver for site if they aren’t a blue card member. The site is indoors.

Site closes at 7pm post-revel food meet-up is at Urban Farmhouse in Highland, IL.

Urban Farmhouse
15 Central Blvd
Highland, IL 62249

Lunch – $6
Will be as follows, but please check back for changes.

Pumpkin soup (this is the recipe that Strawberry made for the lunch at Crystal ball a few years back It is vegetarian)
2 Pasties (beef or mushroom cheese)
1 Hard-boiled egg
1 Banana (or) Apple/ or 2 Tangerines

Dietary restrictions should contact Fintan (j.holt1299 at or Strawberry (strawberryholt at There will be some of the meat and mushroom filling keep on the side for persons with celiac disease, Salt is kept to a minimum in all dishes and will be available to add to personal food.

People are encouraged to bring a shareable plate of food for munching on though out the day (e.g. desserts, fruit, ,veggie trays, breads, butters)

Lunch Steward – THL Fintan MacAldin (Jim Holt)




Introduction to Illumination [2 hours]
Teacher: THL Margaret MacLeod of Duntulm
Student will learn the basics for making a scroll for use in their home group or for a Kingdom level award and have an opportunity to make a scroll blank that can be completed at home. Topics covered will include:

  • What is needed to make a scroll [papers, inks and paints]
  • How to layout a scroll including minimum requirement for borders based on paper size
  • Where to fine example of Period scrolls for inspiration
  • Methods for making a sketch from a period example
  • Where to find pictures of Kingdom Awards

Painting Award Medallions [All Day]

Teacher: THL Mwynwen Ysginidd (Strawberry)
Everything you will need to make medallions (wooden pieces of art) to go with our wonderful scrolls.
Or bring pics from your barony to make medallions for your Baron and Baroness.

Pokerwork 101 [1hr 30min]

Teachers: Lady Malina an Eich Gil and THL David of Lochmorrow
This class will cover the basics of pokerwork, including period examples and techniques. It is a make and take class with no fee.
We have enough tools for 12 people but more are possible with sharing. Also if people have their own tools and want to join they are welcome.

Pyrogaphy on Paper [1hr 30min]

Teachers: Lady Malina an Eich Gil and THL David of Lochmorrow
We will demonstrate the art of Pyrogaphy on paper. It will also be a take and make class for 12 students or more with sharing and those who bring their own tools.

Scribes’ Handbook & 1st Edition New Scribes Booklet Update [30 mins]
Teacher: THL Margaret MacLeod of Duntulm
A short overview the changes to the Handbook and New Scribes booklet.

Medieval Lettering for Scribes [1 hr]
Teacher: THL Margaret MacLeod of Duntulm
A period method of doing text using a round tip pen. Ideal for the left-handed scribe but easily used by right-handed scribes too. How to draw the Carolingian Minuscule script will be covered.

Excruciatingly Basic Calligraphy
Teacher: Baron Wilhelm Michalik, Lincoln Signet
Have you ever thought calligraphy was one of those unattainable skills? Learn the distilled, unadorned guts of the Gothic hand. All you need from that point is a pen, paper, and practice.
Class Size: Maximum dependent on available space (<25, most likely). Handouts will be available (free), as will a limited supply of tools.
Recommended Tools: Preferred calligraphy pen (cartridge or dip) with ink, paper.

The Secretary Hand
Teacher: Baron Wilhelm Michalik, Lincoln Signet
Learn the distinctive quirks of the Secretary hand in a hands-on, small-group setting.
Class Size: Maximum 6. Handouts will be available (free).
Recommended Tools: Preferred calligraphy pen (cartridge or dip) with ink, paper.

Creating Scroll Carriers [2 hr]
Teacher: Banbharun Briana Morgan
A scroll is a piece of artwork. Artists spend time designing, coloring, and calligraphy the scroll it should be protected. Scroll cases are a simple way to do that. This class will go from start to finish and complete a scroll case. Students are invited but not requested to bring a yard of cotton fabric, fabric scissors, and patience.

The RUM System and Gaining RUM Credits [30 mins]
Teacher: Banbharun Briana Morgan
Learn how to enter classes taken and taught in order to receive credit towards degrees within Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM).

Games of Chance [4hrs]
Teacher: Master Philippe de Lyon
Join Master Philippe in learning period dice and card games. Materials will be provided.

Thrown Weapons, Midrealm Darts Experiment
Teacher: Master Philippe de Lyon


Please sign up to teach C& I or Brewing!

K&K Woodworks
The Rampant Strawberry’s Period Pastymes  
Room for other vendors as well

Site is 100% handicap accessible and wheelchair friendly with a full elevator.

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