Activities and Events

Upcoming Events

Crystal Chamfron 2020 – Cancelled

Weekly Meetings

*There are no meetings on the fifth Tuesday of the month , please see our click the Calendar link at the top for more information and and up-to-date listing of local and Kingdom events.

Business Meetings (Fourth Tuesday of the Month Business meeting start 7:30pm)

The FOURTH TUESDAY of each month is the Barony’s Official business meeting where we discuss group business, upcoming events and activities in the Barony. Additional business meetings are sometimes added in the event of urgent business or when a Baronial hosted event is coming up. Please see our Home page for urgent announcements or contact our Seneschal (Email: shatteredcrystal.marshal at for more information

Location: Zoom Meeting to be announced via Facebook and Baronial Email group.

Martial Fighting (every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tuesday 7:00pm start, please see our Facebook page or Google Group for extra scheduled practices)

Every Tuesday of the month our heavy and rapier fighters get together to practice and have classes. Please contact our Knight’s Marshal (Email: shatteredcrystal.marshal at if you have questions and see our Calendar for meeting dates.

Location: Loyal Order of Moose in Caseyville, IL. (8550 Bunkum Rd, Caseyville, IL 62232)

Arts and Sciences Night (every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tuesday, 7:00pm start)

Every Tuesday of the month is our arts and sciences night. Class listings can be found on our Minister of Arts and Sciences page. Please contact our Minister of Arts and Sciences (Email: shatteredcrystal.moas at if you have questions and see our Calendar for the types of classes being offered each month.

Location: Loyal Order of Moose in Caseyville, IL. (8550 Bunkum Rd, Caseyville, IL 62232)

Baronial Mini-Events

Our group meets several times a year for a small event with activites, a “potluck” feast, and classes. Please see calendar for updates on where we will be meeting or contact our Seneschal (Email: shatteredcrystal.seneschal at

Location: Community Center at the Tri Township Park – 410 Wickliffe St, Troy, IL 62294-1350 or United Church of Christ in Marine, IL. 111 N Center St., Marine, IL 62061

Baronial Court

Our group meets four times a year for our most honorable Excellency, Baronessa Petrona to hold court.  These courts are held during events or on a meeting on Sunday. Court is where announcements, presentations and awards are give from Their Excellencies to individuals in the group. A feast  and dancing will follow Baronial court.  Courts are held during Baronial meetings or events, please see the calendar for times and locations.


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