COVID-19 Announcements

Additional changes to COVID policies   Effective date 3/7/21 – Midrealm

Middle Kingdom has moved to Tier 2

We no longer have to sign the contact tracing paper every week. HOWEVER there will be a new paper to sign off on called the Covidsafe Acknowledgment saying that you have shown proof of vaccination or a negative test taken within 72 hours prior to the start of meeting (at home antigen tests do not meet this requirement).

The new document will have to be signed every week the same as the contact tracing paper.

  1. The Covidsafe Acknowledgment will be kept on file for 7 years, the same as other waivers that you have signed within the SCA. This is a requirement from the board of directors.
  2. I know cards have been checked however we will have to check them again.
  3. The rules for kids remains the same, if they are old enough to be vaccinated the same rules apply as adults. If they are too young then they are exempt.
  4. Masks will be optional starting on Mach 7th for indoor and outdoor activities.
  5. A risk disclaimer must be posted at the event, on the website and all promotional flyers per society policy
  6. There will be no restrictions on food

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