Baronial Champions

Let all who visit this page know that these are the Champions of the Barony of Shattered Crystal.  They have been chosen for their prowess in their field and stand ready always to defend these lands and her people in the event that should be needful.  Those who come as friends, and in peace, shall always be welcomed at our hearth and feasted with vigor and good wine.  But those who would wish this land or her people ill–shall face these chosen. And in truth, should that come to pass, than these defenders  are protecting that foe from me.  For I am far more bellicose than I appear and will protect what has been entrusted to me fiercely.

Baronessa Petrona

Armored Champion–Maitre Philippe de Lyon

Rapier Champion–Lord Cristen Fynlo

Cut and Thrust Champion–Kurosawa Hayao-san

Archery Champion–Lord Wylie of Shattered Crystal

Thrown Weapons Champion–Lord Brock Nash

Equestrian Champion–Mistress Lora Greymare

Court Artisan– Her Ladyship, Mwynwen Ysingidd

Court Bard– His lordship, Fintain MacAldin

Court Poet– lady Asa the Nine-Fingered

Baronial Destroyer–Lord Brock Nash

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