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Baronial Polling Information

To those of you who would think to ascend to the Baronage of Shattered Crystal, I beg you to fully consider this undertaking.  It is a joy – but there are trials too.  It’s a lot like being HR at a large corporation with many departments and varying goals and personalities. I would offer you my counsel as you seek to undertake this endeavor. And so, I ask that any who wish to submit a Letter of Intent, also contact me.  I would like to schedule an opportunity to have a transparent discussion with each individual or pair who would succeed me. If anyone has general questions, please reach out to me directly and I shall be happy to share what I have learned.


Baronessa Petrona

April 2nd – Letters of intent are now being accepted through May 2nd. Review the required documents below and submit them to the seneschal at:

These are the required documents and other information that will need to be submitted:

SCA name and any titles (exactly as they will be listed on the poll)

Legal name with contact information including: mailing address, phone number, email address

Copy of valid membership card (valid through the transition time period) and a copy of photo identification

Letters can include any information the candidate wishes to communicate to the Crown or the populace – such as vision for the barony or SCA experience

The submission of the letters should also include a photo of the candidates with the current Middle Kingdom photo release form.

All documents should be in a PDF or Word document format.

(Photos can be submitted separately in most any common photo format)

May 2nd – Window for submission of Letters ends. This window must be 30 days long – if the announcement for opening submissions is delayed, this deadline will be delayed to match. 

May 11th – Polls open for commentary from both residents and non-residents.  Kingdom law requires they be open for 3 weeks.

June 1st – Polls close.

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