Crystal Chamfron 2020

Crystal Chamfron 2020

Good Gentles,

In accordance with Kingdom policy and CDC recommendations, we regret to inform you that Crystal Chamfron 2020 has been canceled. We are just as disappointed as all of you, but given the health crisis it’s the best thing to do.

In these plague times, we wish you all the best of health, and remember that even though we cannot meet face-to-face that we are still a community, a large extended self-chosen family. We ask that you reach out to one another, take care of the vulnerable and needy, and that we all do what we can to keep together as a virtual community. We are the children of the dragon, and this is just an opportunity to show the dragon fire that burns in our hearts. Good Health everyone, and we can’t wait to see what amazing things this community gets up to once quarantine is lifted.

YIS Kallinikos, and the 2020 Chamfron crew.

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