Rules For Attending Tuesday Night Meetings at the Moose Lodge

-As of March 7th masks are optional in the Middle Kingdom.
-COVID Safe policy remains in effect, you must be vaccinated or show negative COVID test (at home antigen tests do not meet this requirement) Society for Creative Anachronism (
-The Moose Lodge requests that you not bring in food or drink, but rather purchase from them as a condition of us having the free space. If you do not want to purchase food/drink from the Lodge, eat before you arrive. However, it is a Good Thing ™, if you are financially capable, to at least purchase a drink from the Lodge to make it worth their while to host us. They almost always have a lovely selection of cake! Support the Moose to whatever extent you can. The Moose is cash only!
-All adult persons must sign both the Moose Lodge book and the SCA sign in sheet. If you do not see them/realize you have not signed them, hunt them up and make sure they’re readily available to others. All of us need to be responsible for ourselves, as well as helping others be responsible. “And so the desert is crossed.”
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