Rules For Attending Tuesday Night Meetings at the Moose Lodge

Hello, Friends!
In the interest of keeping us all safe, keeping our Moose friends happy, and not getting a spanking from the SCA powers that be, here are the rules as they pertain to our Tuesday night meetings at the Moose Lodge:
-All people must wear masks when in the SCA indoor activity space (the big room). This in non-negotiable. Fighters and fencers playing outside do not need to mask, but inside, there are no exceptions.
-Food may not be eaten in the SCA indoor activity space (the big room). Trust me (as a cooking laurel): The kingdom food rules bring me great sorrow, but they are what they are. We will comply with them and get through this thinking of better days ahead.
-Food may be eaten in the bar/restaurant area of the Moose Lodge as that is considered their operational area and you have not yet begun your SCA activity. Or you can eat outside at the picnic tables.
-The Moose Lodge requests that you not bring in food or drink, but rather purchase from them as a condition of us having the free space. We like that free space! If you do not want to purchase food/drink from the Lodge, eat before you arrive. However, it is a Good Thing ™, if you are financially capable, to at least purchase a drink from the Lodge to make it worth their while to host us. And their tacos are pretty boss. And they almost always have a lovely selection of cake! Support the Moose to whatever extent you can.
-All adult persons must sign both the Moose Lodge book and the SCA sign in sheet. If you do not see them/realize you have not signed them, hunt them up and make sure they’re readily available to others. All of us need to be responsible for ourselves, as well as helping others be responsible. “And so the desert is crossed.”
I realize all these rules might not have been clearly laid out before, so you may not personally have known them, or you might have known them and then gotten lax, as one does! No hate here; just a reminder. We have so far all been mindful and worked together during this crappy time in world history; let’s re-center and get through the rest of this. Thank you for coming to my TED talk!
Your Seneschal,
Mistress Bear
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